Camogli - Punta Chiappa - Parco di Portofino - San Fruttuoso
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Camogli - Punta Chiappa

After a quick visit to Camogli, a fishing village, you walk up an ancient "creuza de ma" to reach the Sanctuary of San Rocco, a small village overlooking the sea and an access point to the Park of Portofino. 
From there, an easy path followed by a steep step take you to Punta Chiappa, a strip of rock protruding towars the sea, surrounded by steep cliffs of sedimentary rocks. Along the route, it is possible to visit the medieval church of San Nicolò, admire Camogli's Almadraba, an ancient net for tuna fishing, and visit the Museum of Fishing. 


Tour Duration: 2,5 hours
Difference in level: 250 mt uphill, 250 mt downhill
Difficulty: medium-low